If you have a manuscript that needs another pair of eyes, or a shorter piece that you’d like feedback on, contact me! I provide line edits, margin notes, and critiques with comments and revision suggestions for works-in-progress, as well as proofreading for manuscripts that are farther along. I have experience editing fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry for a number of independent presses and literary journals, and I can suggest possible homes for individual pieces or book projects nearing completion. I charge reasonable fees (see below), and am happy to discuss the specifics of your project. As a consultant for Black Lawrence Press, I consistently receive responses like these to my feedback:

“You’ve both encouraged me and cut right to the heart of issues that I wouldn’t have been able to identify on my own (even though they ring true enough that I think part of me knew they were issues). I have emerged from this consultation feeling like there is not only a future for this book, I know what I need to do to get there. Thank you!”

“This is some of the most useful feedback I’ve ever received on a story. I really, really appreciate the emotional and intellectual attention you’ve give to the piece, especially since I’ve been struggling to figure out how to edit it for almost a year.”

“Sitting down with your comments over the past few days has been incredible. I got goosebumps the first time I read through your critique letter. I don’t think I’ve ever had someone so perfectly see to the heart of what I am trying to do.”

“I loved your input. You’ve given me good insights into how the manuscript works as the whole, esp. development of themes. Though individual stories have been workshopped, this is the first time someone has looked at the stories’ arc, and that is so helpful.”

“Thank you so much for your comments. They were very insightful and gave me good ideas for how to reorganize the stories. Which stories to put together and what order to put them in is such a challenging part of doing a group–I have been really struggling with that–and your perceptions have helped a lot. I also liked your feedback about the themes, the characters, the names, and which stories you felt worked better than others. I’m putting together another collection now, so if you offer evaluations again in the future, you’ll probably be seeing more of my work!”

My fee schedule is:

  • line/copy edit only: $3/page
  • proofread only: $2/page
  • full consultation, with margin notes and a 1-2 page critique: $50 up to 20 pages, $150 up to 50 pages, $500 up to 200 pages, $750 up to 300 pages
  • for manuscripts outside these parameters, contact me to discuss your specific needs

To schedule my services, send me an email with your editing or consulting needs, a description of your manuscript, and your timeline.

Contact me anytime to discuss your manuscript!