Young Writers Workshop

I was fortunate enough to be asked to teach at the Young Writers Workshop at Ohio State this year, and it has been a truly amazing experience. I got to hear all these young people read their poetry and prose this evening, and I was totally overcome with their talent, bravery, and energy. I can’t get over what a good group this is!


So much excitement

Starting with the biggest: I’m thrilled to announce the forthcoming publication of a chapbook, co-written with Carol Guess and Kristina Marie Darling, titled HISTORY OF MY LOCKED WRIST, from Dancing Girl Press in 2015!

Also, several stories from my forthcoming book WITH ANIMAL have appeared recently online: “With Hippo” in Storm Cellar, “With Me” in Communion, “With Fox” in the current print issue of Indiana Review, and “With Replica” in 3Elements Review! Whew!

Then there are also lots of exciting calls for submission, including Sunnyoutside Press‘s open reading period during the month of August, Ilk Journal‘s call for submissions for their all-women all-the-time issue, and so many more! Double whew!