Sugared Water #001

A collaborative story by me and Carol Guess in the very cool new literary journal Sugared Water. It’s not an animal baby story, but there are animals and babies….

Sugared Water

We’re pleased to announce the release of Sugared Water‘s inaugural issue!

This collection of poetry, short fiction, and creative nonfiction is something we’re proud to offer up to you. As readers, we were delighted to take these works through the process from our submission period through to binding by hand. The contributor copies are winging their way across the world in small batches—we think they’ll be well loved. Our cover illustration was inspired by the very first piece of flash fiction we accepted. (You’ll see when you crack open a copy!)

CONTRIBUTORS for the inaugural issue, SW#001:

Paul David Adkins, “Romancing Christine Garren’s Among the Monarchs in Iraq Despite Central Command’s General Order 1″
Jessica Bixel, “Lovesong”
Michael Brookbank, “Who Said Anything About Flesh?”
Wendy Creekmore, “Fleshen Mavens”
Rebecca Emanuelsen, “Fred the Fish”
Lauren Gordon, “I’m Building a New Spine”
Carol Guess & Kelly Magee, “The Storm Grower”

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The Sketchbook Project Comes to the Pacific Northwest

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The Sketchbook Project’s annual tour takes us all over the United States and Canada. Next year, our official tour schedule is bringing us to Portland, Vancouver, and Seattle!Create a book that will visit the Pacific NW next summer on The Sketchbook Project 2014 Tour. Just signup for a book in the Pacific NW region by November 1st and you’re on your way! The deadline to mail in your completed book isn’t until January 15th, 2014, so you still have plenty of time to create your work.Go to for details.
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