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The Nobody Series

The Nobody Series by RopeWalk Press

To gear up for AWP in Seattle, RopeWalk Press is launching a new contest about the way so many of us

feel amid that literary throng. In a nod to Emily Dickinson:

yes, we are Nobodies, too.

But at AWP ’14 in Seattle? RopeWalk Press wants to make you famous.

Write a short-short story (350 word limit) destined for immediate celebrity.

The Winning Nobody’s story will be printed beautifully across the front of an artfully composed postcard

displayed and for sale, among other fine postcards of all RopeWalk Press fiction covers, at our table N24,

where we will host the Winning Nobody for her or his very own signing!

Check out the attached guidelines or head straight to our site.

Get cracking!


Nobody Series
RopeWalk Press